Having a relationship with Jesus will be discussed on a weekly basis through the lesson and/or through meaningful conversation with the children. Children will have the opportunity to drop their name in the “salvation box” when they feel ready to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Kids can do so at any time during class. Teachers will talk about the box each week without putting pressure on the kids to make a decision. Each week teachers will check for kids’ names in the prayer box and will bring any names to the attention of the parents and kids coordinator/director.

Parents should be involved in the process as much as possible. Parents will be asked in advance (on registration form) or via a questionnaire (hand out in class) whether their child has accepted Jesus and if not, whether they would like to be present for when they do so. Parents we would love for you to be the ones to lead your child in the prayer of salvation, if you feel comfortable doing so. The teacher can also pray the prayer and the parent can just be present, if that is preferred. We will have a printed “prayer of salvation” that you can read together with your child OR you can lead your child in your own prayer of salvation. Parents can expect to take a few minutes at the end of class for this. With the teacher’s help of course, please find a quiet corner where you feel your child won’t be distracted.

We are introducing this new method so that we have something consistent to look to throughout our locations with all our volunteer teachers. This specific approach is to ensure that children do not feel pressure to make a decision due to peer pressure, which could be present during a group altar call. This way the children get to make their own decision by themselves when they are ready.