Life Group #18 – The Gospel of John


from 7:00pm – 8:15pm

Location: Astoria, Queens

In this study of the Gospel of John, Pastor Shawn Martin helps us understand the most theologically and philosophically profound account of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament. From revealing his cosmic identity as being with the Father “in the beginning,” to recounting the many miraculous signs attesting to his divinity, Pastor Shawn illuminates John’s unmatched portrait of Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God, sent from heaven to save all who would turn to him.

This insightful Life Group encourages Christians to worship Christ as Lord and follow him on a mission to the world. More than any other Gospel, John reveals the person of Jesus Christ.

No other writer reveals Jesus so intimately as John. He pulls back the curtain to share Jesus’ private, powerful prayer to His Father for us, His disciples. He tells us Jesus wept over the sorrow of Martha and Mary. He records Jesus’ deep teachings about the indwelling Holy Spirit. He reveals most fully Jesus’ tender love for the little flock who responded to His call to follow Him. He gives us even the innermost thoughts and emotions of the Lord.

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Published: August 31, 2019