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Life Group #8 – Open Heavens: Position Yourself to Encounter the God of Revival by Bill Johnson


from 7:30pm – 8:45pm

Location: Chelsea, Manhattan

Is it possible to experience revival every day, as a way of life?

Pastor Bill Johnson answers with a resounding “Yes!”

In this landmark book, pastor Bill teaches from his experience as the shepherd of a movement, imparting his own passion for revival along with practical wisdom for sustaining a move of God on both a personal and corporate level.

Open Heavens will activate you to…

• Upgrade your definition of “normal” Christianity to true, biblical standards.
• Sustain the Holy Fire burning on the altar of your heart, while continuing to cry out for a greater outpouring of the Spirit.
• Witness revival’s overflow, as it spills into broader culture, producing societal reformation and creative renaissance.
• Uncover revival’s reward and be stirred to pursue it at any cost.
Identify common “messes” that accompany corporate revival and learn to navigate them.
• Carry revival into every sphere of influence, taking the fire of God to your school, home, or business.

If you are hungry for a fresh move of God in your life, church, or community, Open Heavens will guide you through preparing the altar, encountering the fire of God, and keeping it burning every day! Why settle for anything less?



Published: August 23, 2022