Our Values

The Essentials

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Holy Spirit

We value the presence of the Holy Spirit and the demonstration of the miraculous in our midst.


We value the Bible as God’s Word to us.


We value anointed praise and worship and God inspired messages as catalysts for transformation in the lives of individuals and the church.

Great Commission

We value all people and are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission by communicating the Gospel to the world both in word and deed.


We value intimacy and communion with God as the highest priority in our daily lives, then with our spouses, our children, and others.


We value the ministry of the laying on of hands as a means of imparting the life producing anointing of God to an individual.


We value being culturally relevant as a church while remaining true to God’s Word.


We value authenticity and the hunger for spiritual growth in the lives of Christ’s followers.


We value Life Groups and discipleship as a means of producing spiritual maturity and fostering loving relationships that permeate every area of life.


We value our relationships with others and seek to support and serve one another, to show grace rather than judgment to each other, and to regard the personal interests of others as more important than our own.


We value transparency and total openness with God, others, and ourselves, hiding nothing from God or our fellow man.