Are You A Fan or A Follower?

1 Jun, 2024

Are You A Fan or A Follower?

Have you ever wondered what makes some people receive miraculous blessings while others seem to miss out? In this blog post, we’re going to explore a powerful message about being greedy in the right way—hungry for the things of God. Let’s dive into some biblical examples and see what we can learn about living a life full of faith and commitment.

Be Greedy for God

When it comes to receiving blessings from heaven, being greedy isn’t bad—it’s a good thing! The Bible is full of stories of people who received miracles because they were a little greedier and a little hungrier for God’s presence than everyone else.

The Blind Man’s Determination

Take the blind man who shouted and cried out for Jesus. The crowd tried to quiet him, but he shouted even louder. His determination got Jesus’ attention, and he received his sight. Sometimes, we need to be like that blind man, refusing to be silenced and determined to receive from God.

Zacchaeus’ Effort

Then there’s Zacchaeus, a short man who climbed a tree just to see Jesus. He didn’t let his stature stop him. Jesus noticed his effort and invited Himself to Zacchaeus’ home for lunch. Zacchaeus’ eagerness paid off because he was willing to go the extra mile.

Fans vs. Followers

As Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds adored Him, laying down palm branches and shouting praises. Yet, just a few days later, the same crowd demanded His crucifixion. What changed? They were fans, not followers. Fans cheer when things are good, but followers stay loyal through thick and thin.

Commitment Matters

Being a follower of Jesus means being committed during the good times and when things get tough. Are you a fan or a follower? Jesus wants followers—people who are committed and loyal, no matter what.

Facing Fiery Trials

Jesus warned us that we would face trials and persecution for His sake. But He also promised great rewards for those who endure. Sometimes, our prayers might not be answered in the way we expect, and that can be a fiery trial. But even in those moments, we must remain steadfast in our faith.

Faith in Action

Remember Job? Despite losing everything, he proclaimed, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Our faith isn’t based on getting everything we want; it’s about trusting God’s goodness, no matter the outcome.

Avoiding False Doctrine

False doctrine is another tool the enemy uses to lead us astray. Staying true to the Word of God is crucial. In a world full of conflicting messages, we need to ground ourselves in biblical truth to ensure we don’t drift away from the faith.

Putting Family and Career in Perspective

Jesus challenged us to love Him more than anything else, even our family and career. This doesn’t mean neglecting them but rather prioritizing our commitment to Him above all. When we do this, our love for others will naturally overflow from our love for Him.

Honoring God with Our Lives

Everything we have belongs to God, whether it’s our family, career, or finances. Honoring Him with our lives shows that He is our top priority. This kind of commitment brings blessings that far exceed our expectations.


In conclusion, being greedy for God’s blessings, staying committed through trials, avoiding false doctrine, and prioritizing Jesus above all are keys to living a blessed and fulfilling Christian life. Let’s not just be fans of Jesus—be devoted followers, ready to receive all He has for us. 

Stay hungry for God, stay committed, and watch how He moves in your life in incredible ways.


Lord, give me a fresh hunger for You. I seek You and Your kingdom first so that my desires are Your desires so that my dreams are Your dreams. Fill me with all you have for me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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