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The mission of CityLight Healing Rooms is to provide free and confidential prayer to those suffering from physical ailments. We believe the Lord is willing to heal ALL His children ALL the time, and we will stand on His Word for your condition in the Name of Jesus.

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While appointments are not required, they are preferred. You can e-mail us at healing@citylightnyc.com to schedule an appointment. We will minister to walk-in clients on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you will be joining us without an appointment, we ask that you arrive no later than 2pm to allow adequate time for prayer.


46-09 31st Ave. Astoria, NY
The Second Saturday Of Every Month
From 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Please see our Plan A Visit Page if you need help finding us.

CityLight Healing Rooms are not equipped to minister to those seeking emotional healing, deliverance or prophetic ministry.

All visits are strictly confidential. All prayer is provided free of charge.

CityLight Healing Rooms is a member of the International Association of Healing Rooms. The International Association of Healing Rooms has its headquarters in Spokane, Washington, a town which has a rich Healing history and played host to healing evangelist John G. Lake. The Spokane Healing Rooms, and later the International Association of Healing Rooms, were established in their current form in 1999 by Cal Pierce (in the same location as John G. Lake’s original healing rooms). The ministry has been growing ever since, and there are currently 1,871 healing rooms in 56 countries all over the world.

You can view the IAHR website here.

Contact Us: healing@citylightnyc.com


I Have Literally Hit The Ground Running...

I have literally hit the ground running. I can’t shut up telling everyone about my miracle. I can’t get out of bed fast enough saying, ‘Who can I tell today, who can I show today’?!!!!

I was born at 26 weeks, or three months early. I had a severe head bleed that affected the whole left side of my body, my left lung had collapsed, and my left arm is what I call my “chicken wing” – it does not straighten and I can’t move my left hand well. My left leg was shorter than my right because the femur grew incorrectly, and I have no control of my left foot.

When I came to the Healing Rooms, the team prayed for my left leg to grow, and for full restoration for the entire left side of my body. I tested the results last Monday morning. I went to my doctor and asked him to measure my length of my leg. My legs are EVEN – HE even aligned my hips to make sure because my left hip has always been higher than my right. When I showed his wife, I didn’t even tell her anything but somehow she knew what had happened – I didn’t even take two steps out of the exam room before she burst out crying and yelling ‘you’re HEALED, you’re HEALED,’ so we cried and worshipped God for a while. I am excited to see the day when I realize my “chicken wing” is straight and my hand and foot work!!!

I bought new shoes today that don’t have an extra lift in them…right now it feels awkward like I don’t have my “land legs” yet, but I realize I’ve been like that for 28 years and it will take some time.

THANK YOU HEALING ROOMS TEAM for everything that you did!!! I can’t THANK you enough for being sensitive to the Spirit!

My Experience Was Great...
My healing experience at the CityLight Healing Rooms was great. From the moment I walked in I knew it was where I was meant to be. It was peaceful and the staff and visitors were friendly. I asked for healing for my shoulder and for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I felt a tingling in my shoulder, my arms became heavy and the pain in my shoulder diminished! I felt God’s presence in the room with us. When I closed my eyes to pray I almost lost my balance and felt myself starting to speak in another tongue! I could feel the Holy Spirit’s Presence in the room the whole time. It was a wonderful experience. It has been almost a week and I am still feeling great.
They Strengthened My Faith...
They strengthened my faith, and I appreciate it! I feel better!
Just To Recap The Awesomeness
Just to recap the awesomeness: My stepfather is COMPLETELY off cholesterol and blood pressure medication, as well as ALL diabetes medication. He was on two by-mouth medications; His blood sugar is now within normal range WITHOUT medication.

My mother is now COMPLETELY off a medication she had been on for 23 YEARS, and she is also COMPLETELY off of cholesterol medication. She had not been able to get those numbers down in three years, and they dropped 45 points in two months; My mom’s blood pressure medication has been lowered to the minimum dosage and she may be able to go off of it COMPLETELY;

They’ve each lost 25 pounds; and they look and FEEL great! They are co-laboring with the Lord by making dietary changes that contributed to the above healing. they say that after the Healing Rooms appointment, they made these changes with total ease! PRAISE GOD! THANK YOU!

I Woke Up Wednesday With A Swollen, Hot Knee...
I woke up Wednesday (3/7/2012) with a swollen, hot knee, and I couldn’t bend it (very painful). I went to the emergency room, and the doctors took an x-ray of the knee. There was no fluid in the knee, but they sent me home with a cane, ibuprofen for treatment of rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, mild to moderate pain and fever – and another appointment at an orthosport clinic. The doctors said I would always get rheumatoid arthritis.

I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. I didn’t want to go through this forever. I wanted complete healing. So the team prayed for me, and I could bend my knee without struggle or pain! God spoke to the prayer team individually and they shared with me. And they were on the money! Everything they said I know was from God.

I’m going home without using a cane! Praise God!

I Came In Today Suffering From Bone Spurs...
I came in today suffering from bone spurs in my heels. I was prayed for and I felt fire. A flame was burning under my feet! I felt the pain lifting and I know God has healed me. Mine is to believe, confess and testify as to what I have received. This problem has bothered me since the beginning of 2011. I am ready to go back home to Zimbabwe and share my testimony! I trust that God will give me another opportunity to worship with you before I go!
The Lord Refreshed My Spirit In A Remarkable Way...
The Lord refreshed my spirit in a remarkable way. My feelings of being overwhelmed have been replaced with feelings of hope and peace. I’ve received words about the Lord seeing me on the red carpet as a movie star before in that He has given me the favor to shine His light before others – so thank you for confirming that! You guys just so powerfully steward the presence and truth of the Lord. The word about having flowers and tossing them away really resonated with me because I feel like the Lord had given me a dream and then I’ve been feeling like it’s not there anymore – believing He doesn’t have anything for me anymore. But I am thankful for the encouragement toknow that the beauty of His promise is still there! He is still good! Jesus is birthing a new spirit of worship in my heart and I want to dance with Him by beaches and beautiful places. Thank you for interceding and pressing in! You are refreshing the hearts of believers!
When I Came Into The Healing Rooms I Felt Discouraged...
When I came into the Healing Rooms I felt discouraged. I sought healing from shoulder and neck pain that hasn’t been helped by massage or stretching or strengthening exercises. It was caused by my pelvic bone which was crooked. As they prayed, I felt a shift in my pelvic bone and a lightness there. They kept praying and then my neck was free of pain! They continued because the healing wasn’t complete in my shoulder. Then the Lord totally healed me after they prayed a third time. I felt lighter and free all over! Hallelujah! I am excited to discover and see if my other ailments are going to be healed too!
I Came In With A Load Of Questions...
I came in with a load of questions in my mind. After I was prayed for I felt relieved and had no more questions! Praise God!
I’ve Suffered From Severe Insomnia For 6 Years...

I’ve suffered from severe insomnia for 6 years. I once had an emotional breakdown after 5 days of no sleep which resulted in a series of 57 medical tests. I was put on prescription sleep aids for the greater part of the past 5 years: twice the recommended dose. After coming to the CityLight Healing Rooms in September for insomnia and meditating on the Scriptures spoken over me, I have been sleeping easily, restfully and peacefully for a month! Hallelujah!

I Came In Just Expecting Prayers...
I came in just expecting prayers, but I’m leaving the CityLight Healing Rooms with a sense of internal relief. No weight on my shoulders. No blame, no guilt, no regrets, and full of love. What the prayer team knew and prayed over me was more than I could have ever asked for. Absolutely beautiful! The atmosphere here is the reason I keep on coming to CityLight!
I Feel Better. I Feel Free!
I feel better. I feel free! I’m full of joy and full of faith! Thank you CityLight Healing Rooms!
I'm Leaving With A Feeling Of Total Peace...
I’m leaving the CityLight Healing Rooms with a feeling of total peace. I’m also leaving with a conviction that Jesus will finish His work in me!
I Asked For Healing Of My Near-Sightedness...
I asked for healing of my near-sightedness and astigmatism at the CityLight Healing Rooms so I wouldn’t need to rely on glasses and contacts, or worry about the expense. About two weeks later, my glasses broke and I went to get new ones. The doctor measured my eyesight and then my current frames. He said my glasses were too strong for my vision! That shocked me; I hadn’t updated my prescription in 7 years so the glasses should have been way too weak. This is proof to me that the Lord is healing and restoring my vision. I’m looking forward to ditching the glasses completely! Praise God! Thank you CityLight Healing Rooms!
I Accepted Jesus As My Lord And Savior...
I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when He showed me the depth of my sin. I’ve never smoked, consumed alcohol, or done any drugs, but my heart was covered in darkness. The result was a dark personality: the man I love walked out of my life because he couldn’t handle it. I thank God for sending Jesus to show me the right way. I’m not perfect but I do know I cannot live without Jesus in my life. I thank God every day for accepting me into His loving arms. I know only He can heal me. I’m born again! Thank you CityLight Healing Rooms!
I'm Blown Away!
I’m blown away! I literally got rocked by God at the CityLight Healing Rooms! Keep doing this, please. You guys are amazing!
When I Came To The CityLight Healing Rooms...
When I came to the CityLight Healing Rooms I was in a lot of pain, especially in my back. The pain is gone! Thank You Lord!