Crushing the Power of Sin & Walking In The Spirit

28 May, 2023

Crushing the Power of Sin & Walking In The Spirit

The key to understanding how to crush fear and sin is found in the beauty of God’s grace and the liberty it brings to our lives as we walk in alignment with His will.

In Romans 6, Paul establishes a remarkable truth inspired by the Holy Spirit: we have died to sin, including our old sin nature—the part of us that rebels against God. Like a deadly disease passed down through generations from Adam and Eve, our original sin finds its resolution in the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Here, sin’s power over our lives is decisively broken. Often overlooked or misunderstood, this pivotal truth sets the stage for what Paul further reveals in Romans 7.

Not only have we died to sin, but we have also died to the law. This profound statement can stir a sense of unease, especially among those raised in a religious context. But this is not a call to lawlessness or an abandonment of God’s requirements. Throughout history, misconceptions surrounding grace and the law have persisted, prompting Paul to address them head-on.

The apostle Paul anticipates the skepticism and questions that arise when he boldly declares that we are dead to the law. He poses a question many have asked: “Should we continue to sin so that grace may abound?” His immediate response is a resounding “Certainly not!” or, more appropriately, “God forbid.”

In our journey to comprehend the depth of God’s grace, we must confront the misconception that our freedom in Christ licenses us to live without accountability or disregarding His commands.

Romans 8:1-2 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free
from the law of sin and death.”

No Condemnation?

So there is, therefore, now no condemnation. Why is there now no condemnation? Because sin has already been condemned. When? 2,000 years ago. Where? In the body of Jesus. He took the sin problem out of the way. He was hammered there by the righteous wrath of God, and sin was condemned. So that we would never have to be, through faith in Jesus, beat with the righteous anger of God.

He took that punishment in our place.

You might ask, well then, why do I sometimes feel condemned? Why do I feel ashamed? Why do I feel guilty?

There are two reasons.

Number one, we have an unrenewed mind. Your spirit, the real you, the inner man, the part of you that’s born again, the part of you that’s been recreated according to Jesus, that’s perfect. Do you know that it cannot get any better?

You cannot get more perfect, but you also have a soul; that’s your mind. And your mind is in the process of getting saved.

James says, “To receive the word of God which is able to transform your mind or renew your mind.” In Psalms 23, the Lord is my shepherd, he restores or renews my soul.

We’re in the process of overcoming all that stinking thinking and the way that we’ve been taught for years.

And number two is because Satan will come along and side with an unrenewed mind.

But the truth is, there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.

Are you in Christ Jesus? How do you get in Christ Jesus?

Ask him, Lord Jesus; I want to be in you. I trust in you for my salvation. I look to you for my righteousness. I’m nothing, and you’re everything. I can’t do it. You did it.

Walking In The Flesh

We have to use the Bible to define the Bible. And walking in the flesh means walking under an old covenant system. Walking in the flesh means relying on yourself to keep God’s law.

But guess what? We already tried that. We have the whole Old Testament as our example. You can’t do it. You fall flat on your face every time.

When we grasp the truth of walking according to the Spirit, we recognize that our trust is no longer in our efforts but in Jesus. We no longer strive to earn God’s approval through our works, self-effort, or behavior. We already have God’s blessing through the finished work of the cross accomplished by Jesus.

Furthermore, God places His Holy Spirit within us, transforming us from the inside out as we fix our gaze on Him. This transformation is not an external change forced upon us but a deep work that occurs as we surrender and align ourselves with this truth.

However, some Christians experience little transformation. The reason is clear: they have become distracted and taken their eyes off this truth. To experience the fullness of God’s transforming power, we must remain focused on Him, continually reminding ourselves of His grace, love, and the work He has already done on our behalf.

Walking In The Spirit

Walking according to the Spirit means trusting in Jesus and yielding to His leadership instead of relying on our strength and efforts. It goes beyond simply performing good deeds, reading the Bible, praying, or giving. While these actions are commendable, they are the outcomes of walking in the Spirit, the fruit of a life surrendered to Him.

Walking in the Spirit acknowledges our inability to fulfill God’s expectations on our own and shifts our focus to our Savior. It is recognizing our dependence on Him and considering ourselves dead to sin and the ways of this world.

This activation of God’s power within us through humility is highly esteemed in Scripture, although it is often misunderstood and attacked in religious circles. Humility is not about being quiet, dressing modestly, or having limited financial resources. True humility lies in our complete reliance on God.

Walking according to the Spirit is not about striving or performing but about yielding and relying on the power and grace of our Savior. It is a transformative journey that begins with humility and ends with God’s abundant life in store for us.

What Are You Thinking?

Setting our minds on ourselves, and relying on our strength and willpower, leads to failure and death. It fails to fulfill God’s requirements.

To be carnally minded means focusing on something other than Jesus and His finished work, failing to trust in Him and the empowerment He provides from within.

Sometimes, we easily slip into this mindset, especially during crises when our knee-jerk response becomes self-reliant rather than turning to Jesus. However, as we surrender and yield to Him, we witness His ability to do far more than we could ever accomplish on our own.

Trusting in ourselves is the offense of the gospel, as our culture exalts self-glorification and personal achievements. Yet, God sees our attempts at righteousness as filthy rags. Being carnally minded means trusting in our efforts, which results in enmity against God and an inability to subject ourselves to His law.

How To Be Led By The Spirit

Romans 8:14 says, “For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.”

Under the new covenant, as believers, we are led by the Lord, who resides within us. One of the ways He guides us is through the inward witness, often referred to as the Urim and Thummim within.

This inward witness manifests as a red or green light, signaling a lack of peace or a smooth, sweet, velvety feeling respectively. The Lord communicates His guidance to us through this inner witness, which plays a significant role in leading and guiding His people. Being led by the Spirit is a defining characteristic of the sons of God.

Sometimes God’s direction is evident through the absence of any specific instruction when it comes to decision-making. The apostles, for instance, made decisions that seemed good to them and the Holy Spirit. In certain situations, God may not provide a specific command, as He often allows us to use our wisdom, intellect, and rational thought to make choices.

While significant decisions may require a clear mandate from the Lord, it is essential to understand that when a decision appears obvious and aligns with biblical principles, the sense of peace and gentle silence can be interpreted as God’s affirmation. He may say, “I am with you,” giving us the freedom to exercise our God-given choices and pursue the desires placed in our hearts.

The Best Is Yet To Come

God has the best in His heart for you. And believe it or not, He loves you more than you love you. And the more you yield and surrender, the more you see that love works itself out in your life.


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