Day 109: Easter Reflection

20 Apr, 2014

Joshua 19:1-20:9

Luke 19:28-48

Psalm 88:1-18

Proverbs 13:12-14

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

We’ve been at this for almost four months now, so I wanted to take a day to pause and reflect. Reading the whole Bible as a whole church has been an amazing growth experience. As a church, we’ve grown in community from reading the same words every day. As a pastor, I’ve grown from asking God’s Holy Spirit to speak to me in new ways through every Scripture. Jesus truly is the Author of all Scripture. Every word in the Bible – Old Testament and New – points to the salvation Jesus Christ earned for us on the Cross. Revelation from God is readily available, much like the waters of an infinitely deep well; we just have to ask Him to draw it out for us, using us as His imperfect vessels. As we transition from winter into spring, let’s make the commitment as a church to ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate Truth to us as we read Scripture together. Let’s ask God to make the words jump off the page as we read, and watch as they point to the finished work of the Cross. Happy Easter!



Father, thank You for the Gift of Your Son Jesus Christ! His work on the Cross is finished, and all that’s left for us to do is enjoy intimate relationship with You. Help us to re-center out lives around Your love for us this Easter in Jesus’ Mighty Name!