Day 109: More Than Enough!

19 Apr, 2015

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015
CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Joshua 19:1-20:9
Luke 19:28-48
Psalm 88:1-18
Proverbs 13:12-14
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Commentary from Pastor Mike White:

The inheritance of the children of Simeon was included in the share of the children of Judah, for the share of the children of Judah was too much for them. – Josh 19:9

Lot by lot, Joshua divided the Promised Land among the children of Israel. Judah had a good problem: they had received too much. The share of the land that had been given to them was too large, so they gave some of it away!

Our God is the Giver of too much! Judah was so blessed that he had enough to bless someone else who had not received his share. God will bless you so much that you have overflow to go out and bless others!

At CityLight Church, we believe in Biblical prosperity. Very simply, that means that God will bless you with more than enough to fulfill the unique purpose and calling He has put on your life. You will have everything you need, and on top of that you will have overflow to go out and bless others as they chase after God!


Father, thank You for blessing me! You promise that when I seek You first, You will meet all my needs, and then give me overflow so I can go out and bless others in Your name! Thank you for blessing me, so I can be a blessing to others!