Day 114: Judges and Jesus

24 Apr, 2014

Judges 2:10-3:31

Luke 22:14-34

Psalm 92:1-93:5

Proverbs 14:1-2

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CityLight Pastor Commentary:

In Judges 3, we start to see a pattern. God delivers the Israelites to the consequences of their own sin because they have refused to love Him as they promised they would. Yet every time they cry out to Him for salvation, He gives them a deliverer. First Othniel delivers Israel from the king of Mesopotamia in battle; but when Othniel dies, the Israelites return to sin. Then God sends Ehud to deliver Israel from the king of Moab; but when Ehud dies, the Israelites again return to sin. The message is this: we cannot rely on any man or woman to save us. If we put our hope and trust in a human savior, we will inevitably return to sin. Only Jesus is the Perfect Judge: He delivered us from our sin once and for all, so that we would serve Him without fear! Trust in Jesus Christ, and let Him wash you clean from all your sins!


Father, thank You that Your Son Jesus Christ is the Perfect Judge! He’s not just a human savior, and He can never die; so we never have to fear drifting back into sin when we worship Him!