Day 128: God Speaks at Night

8 May, 2016

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Sunday, May 8th, 2016
1 Samuel 2:22-4:22
John 5:24-47
Psalm 106:1-12
Proverbs 14:30-31
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

…while Samuel was lying down…the Lord called Samuel. And he answered, “Here I am!” So he ran to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me.” – 1 Sam 3:3-5

1 Samuel 3 offers a training course in what it sounds like to hear from God. Samuel was lying down, falling asleep; but God called. His voice was not a thundering roar from Heaven, but rather a still, small voice that Samuel easily mistook for Eli. God is not a man; but He will speak to you in language you will understand.

God loves to speak to His servants at night! Samuel heard from God for the first time as he drifted off to sleep. David told God, “I remember You on my bed, [and] I meditate on You in the night watches” (Ps 63:6). Joseph heard from God five times in five different dreams in the first two chapters of the New Testament (see Matt 1:20, 2:12, 2:13, 2:19, 2:22). You don’t need to be awake and consciously praying to hear from God!

Ask God to speak to you while you are in bed. He may whisper to you as you drift off to sleep. He may show you His plans in a dream. He may wake you up in the middle of the night, and put something or someone on your heart so you can pray! He invites you to respond just like Samuel did: “Speak God, for Your servant hears!”


Father, make me receptive to Your voice at all hours of the day. I love hearing from You, and I want to hear You 24/7. Speak to me, and Your servant will listen!


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