Day 17: Blessed Beyond Measure

17 Jan, 2016

CityLight Church’s One Year Bible Reading Plan
Sunday, January 17th, 2016
Genesis 35:1-36:43
Matthew 12:1-21
Psalm 15:1-5
Proverbs 3:21-26
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

Then Esau took…all the persons of his household…and all his goods which he had gained in the land of Canaan, and went to a country away from the presence of his brother Jacob. For their possessions were too great for them to dwell together… – Gen 36:6-7

God wants you blessed. When God created mankind, the first action he took towards us was to bless us (Gen 1:28). When God cleansed the world for Noah and his family, the first thing He did after the flood was bless them (Gen 9:1). God’s intention has always been, and will always be, to see you blessed.

Esau’s life was far from perfect. He gave up his birthright to his little brother, Jacob (Gen 25:33). Then, Jacob stole Esau’s blessing (Gen 27:35)! But even after a significant screw-up and a major theft, the verses above say that Esau’s possessions were still so numerous that he couldn’t even live in the same country as Jacob because their possessions were too great. Not bad for a guy who gave up his inheritance!

Our God is abundant. Jacob and Esau both faced trials and tribulation, yet God blessed them beyond measure. I know your life hasn’t been perfect: you’ve made some mistakes, and things haven’t gone as planned. Maybe you’ve even had what was rightfully yours stolen from you, just like Esau. But God still wants you blessed beyond your wildest dreams. He will restore what you’ve lost, and make you great!


Father, I believe You want me blessed with all my heart. If there’s anything I am doing to stand in the way of You getting Your best to me, I want to know! Help me to live a life of purpose for Your Kingdom expansion, in Jesus’ name!

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