Day 257: God-Given Growth

14 Sep, 2019

The Daily Word: Saturday, September 14th, 2019
Isaiah 15:1-18:7
Galatians 1:1-24
Psalm 58:1-11
Proverbs 23:12
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Because you have forgotten the God of your salvation, and have not been mindful of the Rock of your stronghold, therefore you will plant pleasant plants and set out foreign seedlings; in the day you will make your plant to grow, and in the morning you will make your seed to flourish; but the harvest will be a heap of ruins in the day of grief and desperate sorrow. – Isa 17:10-11

If you forget God, nothing you do will grow. Nothing you touch will prosper! You can plant all the right seeds; but if God is not in the harvest, the seeds will not grow!

Are you planting seeds? Are you working hard to make sure you have cultivated an atmosphere of faith and growth in your life? Before you do anything else, make sure you stop to invite God in. When He is not present, even the best-laid plans fail. Even if you have all the right ingredients, nothing will come forth without God! You need God for provision. If you include Him in your plans, He will cause everything you touch to prosper!


Father, thank You for Your hand on my life. Thank You for causing my seed to flourish. Thank You for making my work fruitful! Help me to always lean on you: because goodness comes from God.

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