Day 306: God Speaks Part II!

2 Nov, 2017

The Daily Word: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
Ezekiel 3:16-6:14
Hebrews 4:1-16
Psalm 104:24-35
Proverbs 26:27
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:  

Then the hand of the Lord was upon me there, and He said to me, “Arise, go out into the plain, and there I shall talk with you.” – Ezek 3:22

If you want to hear what God has to say, go where He told you to go! God wanted to tell Ezekiel something important; so He told Ezekiel to go and meet Him somewhere specific. Ezekiel went, and God spoke.

Whenever I’m not hearing from God I pause and reflect: what was the last thing He told me to do? Where was the last place He told me to go? More often than not, His next instruction follows on the heels of simple obedience. We don’t need to know the big picture up front; we simply need to take small steps, and do what the Holy Spirit invites us to do – one step at a time.


Father, thank You for leading me one step at a time! Help me to trust the leading of Your Holy Spirit. Help me to step out in obedience, and do what You call me to do, in Jesus’ name!

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