Day 350: Finding Peace

16 Dec, 2019

The Daily Word: Monday, December 16th, 2019
Micah 5:1-7:20
Revelation 7:1-17
Psalm 135:1-21
Proverbs 30:5-6
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
And this One shall be peace. – Micah 5:5

Could you use more peace in your life? Are you struggling to find peace in a difficult situation, or an ongoing conflict?

Peace is a Person. Jesus is Peace! Do you want to experience peace in your life? You need Jesus. Apart from Him, there is no peace! But in Him is a peace that surpasses all understanding (Phil. 4:7).

Choose Jesus. Choose peace! Seek Him in the Scriptures. Seek Him in intimate times of prayer! When you meet Jesus, you will have peace.


Father, I choose peace. I know that I don’t need relaxation techniques or “me time.” I need Jesus! Help me to seek Him, in Jesus’ name.

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