Day 352: Genuine Prophecy

18 Dec, 2017

The Daily Word: Monday, December 18th, 2017
Habakkuk 1:1-3:19
Revelation 9:1-21
Psalm 137:1-9
Proverbs 30:10
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:  

The burden which the prophet Habakkuk saw. – Hab 1:1

We notice two things here about genuine prophecy:

1) It was a burden. A genuine word from the Lord can be heavy. It will often feel like something you have to get off your chest; something you have to unload. There is a release that takes place when you share a genuine word from the Lord with a recipient.

2) It was seen. Habakkuk saw the word of the Lord. Sometimes God speaks so we can hear Him; other times He shows so we can see Him! We should never limit God’s approach, and assume He will speak a certain way; because quite often He speaks in ways that surprise.

Are you ready to hear from God? Ask, and you shall receive!


Father, give me the strength to deliver the words You have given me. Open my eyes so I can see what You are showing me! Thank You for Your goodness, in Jesus’ name.

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