Day 85: Bold Faith!

26 Mar, 2017

The Daily Word: Sunday, March 26th, 2017
Deuteronomy 5:1-6:25
Luke 7:11-35
Psalm 68:19-35
Proverbs 11:29-31
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:

Then He came and touched the open coffin, and those who carried him stood still. And He said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.” – Lk 7:14

Faith is bold. Jesus interrupted a funeral procession to speak to a dead man. He stopped the pallbearers to speak to the dead man and tell him to arise! What if he hadn’t woken up? What if the prayer didn’t work?

Genuine faith doesn’t make room for what if’s. Jesus wasn’t worried about being embarrassed if His intervention failed; He was confident that His intervention could not fail.

What could happen in your life if you prayed with the same boldness?


Father, fill me with bold faith! I pray my faith would stop crowds. I pray my confidence in prayer would raise the dead. I know that nothing is impossible for You, in Jesus’ name!

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