God Works All Things

14 Jun, 2013

God does not always give us all the information. He doesn’t always tell us exactly how everything is going to turn out in advance. We can, however, still be 100% sure that He works all things together for our good when we love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

How do we know this? If you are a Christian, you have your own personal experience. We also have the testimony of others. If God has brought us out of a difficult situation before, He will do it again – always, and without fail.

“Suppose someone asked me, when I see a man in blue uniform going down the street leaving little paper packets at each house, why I suppose they contain letters? I should reply, ‘Because whenever he leaves a similar little packet for me I find it does contain a letter.’ And if he then objected – ‘But you’ve never seen all these letters which you think the other people are getting,’ I should say, ‘Of course not, and I shouldn’t expect to, because they’re not addressed to me.  I’m explaining the packets I’m not allowed to open by the ones I am allowed to open.’”  – C.S. Lewis

Circumstances change and new difficulties arise, but our God and His Word do not change (Hebrews 13:8). Whether you are going into a tough situation, coming out of a tough situation, or right in the middle of a tough situation, rest assured that God will work it out for your good.

-by Pastor Mike White