Life Group # 10

The Silenced Army

by Nichole Chavez
7:30 pm
- 8:45 pm

Astoria, Queens

N, W

Life Group Leader: Anyka Jerome / Yari Martino

Nichole Chavez believes the Christian women of the world, are at a crossroads.

We can choose to remain silent while the world cries out for the message of Jesus, or we can stand up and volunteer to bring the Savior into our world.

For far too long we have stayed silent—we have allowed the pressures of sin and this world to distract us and silence us from stepping into our purpose and calling. The world’s message is strong; it is unified and it has momentum. We have allowed our voice to fade into silence, and we have been stuck in our pain and hurt for far too long. We have been a silenced army. But that is about to change!

In sharing her hurt, pain, and experiences, it is her prayer that you will be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to stand when the world says bow, use your voice when you feel pressured to stay silent, and embrace your purpose and calling. Let’s change the world for Jesus.