Life Group # 16

I Never Learned to Doubt: Lessons I’ve Learned About the Dangers of Doubt and the Freedom of Faith

by Jesse Duplantis
7:00 pm
- 8:15 pm

Astoria, Queens

N, W

Life Group Leader: Michelle Vasquez / Luke Sellick

Doubt is a habit. You aren’t born a doubter. You learn to doubt over time, after being hit with the injustices and instability of this world. In this book, Jesse Duplantis tries to help you go back in time…and regain what you lost. The wonder of faith is a pure thing—a childlike thing—and it’s the only thing that works to access God and draw in what you really want. He doesn’t respond to need. He doesn’t respond to begging or pleading or wishing. God responds to faith.

Doubt isn’t what you think. It’s not a passing thought. It’s not pondering the Word of God or reasoning with God, or even with others. Doubt is an inner-lifestyle choice—a bad habit of taking your own word over God’s, your thoughts over God’s, and putting more stock in the words of others over God’s, too. That’s not what living a successful life as a believer is all about! In this book, the hope is to help you shut doubt down and develop a mindset that sees God’s truth as bigger than the doubts of the mind…or anything else.