The Dangers of Covenant Mixing and the Power of God’s Grace

9 Jan, 2024

CityLight NYC - The Dangers of Covenant Mixing

Have you ever wondered what it truly means to be firmly rooted in the new covenant and fully grasp God’s astonishing grace? 

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it’s crucial to understand the profound implications of being grounded in this unshakable covenant of grace. So, let’s explore how it empowers us to be bold, walk closely with the Spirit of Truth, and stand firm against deception.

Firmly Rooted in the New Covenant

When you’re grounded in the new covenant and fully grasp the grace of God, remarkable transformations occur. 

First, you become bold, as the Bible says, “The righteous are as bold as a lion.” Confidence surges within you. Second, you become a companion of the Holy Spirit, also known as the Spirit of Truth. He guides you and ensures you aren’t misled. 

In a world where lies spread like wildfire, sticking close to the Spirit of Truth is essential to avoid veering off course. Lastly, you’ll recognize that you’re not deceived and will remain grounded in reality.

The Clash of Covenants

Galatians chapters 1-5 brilliantly outline the clash of the covenants. The old covenant, defined by law-keeping, was an attempt to achieve righteousness and gain God’s acceptance through human effort. It led to repeated failures as people couldn’t meet its stringent demands. 

In stark contrast, the new covenant is one of grace. You’re already accepted and righteous through Christ’s finished work. Under the old covenant, you always fell short. However, the new covenant reveals you’re blessed beyond a curse. 

The error of thinking you can be both blessed and cursed simultaneously is dispelled. Jesus, who became a curse for us, exchanged places, guaranteeing you’re forever blessed.

Embracing the Sabbath of Grace

The essence of the new covenant is that Jesus accomplished it all, securing your salvation. He rested when the work was finished. Similarly, under the new covenant, every day is a Sabbath day, celebrating Jesus’ completed work. You don’t need to add or contribute to your salvation. It’s a done deal. 

A Call to Grace and Humility

In this journey of faith, embracing the profound implications of the new covenant and the extraordinary grace of God is essential. When you’re rooted in this covenant and truly grasp His grace, boldness, and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you become unstoppable. 

While the world is drowning in deception, staying close to the Spirit of Truth keeps us on the right path. It’s about acknowledging that, in our strength, we’re powerless, but with Jesus, we’re safe and loved.

Galatians chapter 6 guides us on how to respond when a fellow believer stumbles. Whether it’s a small or significant fall, we, those who understand grace, are called to restore them gently. Instead of condemning, we offer support, love, and prayers. 

This reflects the law of Christ, which is all about loving your neighbor as yourself. It’s a reminder that we must also examine our hearts, staying humble and recognizing our dependence on the Lord rather than thinking too highly of ourselves.

The Laodicean Church: A Warning on Self-Deception

In the book of Revelation, Jesus delivers a stern rebuke to the Laodicean church, a message that holds relevance for the church age we find ourselves in today. The core of this rebuke centers on self-deception. The Laodiceans believed they were spiritually wealthy, well-dressed, and wise. Still, in reality, they were spiritually impoverished, spiritually naked, and spiritually blind. This warning is a timeless reminder that it’s easy to overestimate our spiritual state when we neglect our dependence on Christ.

In our Christian journey, we must learn to carry two attitudes simultaneously: one of victory and the other of humility. 

In Christ, we are more than conquerors, champions, and overcomers, yet we should always remember our deep need for Jesus. This paradoxical perspective keeps us grounded in our identity as victors while continually relying on Him as our source of strength. Recognizing our need for Jesus ensures we don’t fall into the trap of self-deception.

Self-Examination, Motives, and the Judgment Seat

Paul instructs believers to regularly examine their works, not to question their salvation but to assess their motives. The judgment seat of Christ, or Bema seat, is where believers will receive rewards based on their works. While salvation is secure in Christ, our works will undergo purification. It’s essential to ensure our actions are motivated by genuine love for God rather than seeking validation from others. As we live with an audience of One, we discover the true purpose of our service and find freedom from the need for human affirmation.

Perseverance in Doing Good

Paul encourages believers not to grow weary while doing good, assuring them that they will reap if they do not lose heart in due season. He shares a personal testimony about his own journey in ministry, highlighting moments when he faced significant challenges and doubts. 

The message is clear: perseverance is key. The harvest often arrives when you’ve pushed past the point of almost losing heart, reminding us of the importance of staying steadfast in faith and action.

Primary Responsibility to Fellow Believers

Paul underscores the importance of doing good, especially to fellow believers. While helping others is commendable, he notes that Christians have a primary responsibility to assist those within the household of faith. This showcases the love and unity among believers, making Christianity attractive to outsiders and drawing them to God’s love.

The Identity of the Israel of God

Galatians 6:16 emphasizes the identity of the “Israel of God.” It highlights that being part of this spiritual Israel is not determined by one’s physical birth or nationality. Instead, it is a matter of being born again through faith in Christ. 

This new creation, composed of believers, is considered the nation of God, God’s chosen people. Paul’s message challenges the traditional views of his time and emphasizes the significance of spiritual rebirth in Christ.

Blessing Of Grace

Paul closes his letter with a blessing of grace upon the Galatians’ spirits. This final word reflects his desire for God’s unmerited favor to be with them as they walk in faith. In essence, Galatians underscores the significance of faith in Christ and the freedom it brings from legalistic bondage.

The letter encourages us to embrace the grace of Christ and stand firm in our faith, trusting in God’s unmerited favor.


Father, We come before you with hearts filled with gratitude for the grace you have lavished upon us. We thank you for the mystery of grace, which goes beyond our natural understanding. Your grace is a gift we could never earn or deserve, yet you freely offer it to us.

We pray that your grace may continually be with us, guiding and transforming us. Help us to grow in grace each day, allowing your love and mercy to shape our lives. May we fully grasp the depth of your love, which sent Jesus to die for us while we were still sinners.

We declare our love for you, Lord, and we are grateful that your mercy never fails us. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

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