The Power of Faith in Dark Times

23 Oct, 2023

The Power of Faith in Dark Times

This week’s blog post is provided by our good friend Nathaniel Saint-Eloi.

The Power of Faith in Dark Times

Have you ever felt trapped, seeking a way out of your darkest moments? Acts 16 presents a tale of unyielding faith, even in the face of despair.

Led by the Spirit, Opening Doors

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas find themselves in prison. Despite the night’s thick and gloomy circumstances, these two didn’t let despair overtake them. At midnight, during the darkest hour, they prayed and sang hymns. 

Remarkably, their resilient faith wasn’t just a beacon for themselves but also for the other prisoners who listened intently. And then, a miraculous occurrence: a powerful earthquake shook the prison’s foundations, flinging open all the doors. 

What’s extraordinary is that only Paul and Silas were praising, yet the impact of their faith had repercussions beyond just them. This brings to mind how crucial it is for us to be led by the Holy Spirit. On his second missionary journey, Paul was divinely redirected in a dream to Macedonia, illustrating the importance of following the Spirit’s lead. 

It’s a reminder that we should prioritize the Holy Spirit’s guidance over earthly gains or comforts, trusting that even in our darkest moments, faith and prayer can open doors in unexpected ways.

The Foundation of Prayer in Ministry

Before diving into his earthly ministry, Jesus committed to 40 days and nights of fasting and prayer. It underscores the essential truth: if even Jesus felt the need for such spiritual preparation, how vital is it for us to do the same? 

Faithful ministry isn’t just about eloquent preaching or charismatic leadership; it’s rooted deeply in one’s commitment to prayer and seeking God. The genesis of impactful ministry is often found not in grand stages but on humble carpets where earnest prayers are whispered.

Every monumental act on earth begins with someone’s fervent intercession to the heavens above.

Confronting Spirits with Authority

Now, when Paul and Silas journeyed to Philippi, they were met daily by a demon-possessed fortune teller. Although her words recognized their divine purpose, her spirit was tainted. 

After enduring this for days, Paul’s holy annoyance took over, emphasizing the power of confronting evil directly. Instead of merely counseling out the spirit, Paul cast it out, reminding us that some battles can’t be talked through but must be actively fought against. 

In today’s world, when adversity strikes, it’s crucial to remember our divine authority. Instead of accepting disturbances, we should be ready to proclaim, “Devil, you have no authority here!” and fiercely defend our spiritual territories.

Unleashing Divine Power

We possess the same divine authority Jesus spoke of in Mark chapter 16: the power to cast out devils. Our presence should unsettle opposing forces, whether at work, at home, or everyday encounters. This isn’t about our physical beings but the Spirit within us. 

It’s common for those walking with true spiritual power to provoke reactions in others, even strangers. This is because our very essence of divine power unsettles the spirits that don’t align with God. Equipped with the whole armor of God, from the helmet of salvation to the sword of the Spirit, believers aren’t merely shielded; they’re formidable forces against darkness.

Disrupting the Demonic Economy

When God intervenes, it often unsettles the foundations of what the world accepts as normal. After Paul and Silas expelled a demon from a young girl, they liberated her and disrupted the economic gain her captors were making from her affliction. Such is the potency of divine intervention; it rescues individuals and threatens systems built on corrupt foundations. 

As believers step into their God-given roles, it’s not just about individual victories. Their influence can dismantle entire infrastructures rooted in darkness, proving that true spiritual power extends beyond personal boundaries.

Rising Above the World’s Systems

The church is poised to set a righteous standard on earth, envisioning its own “kingdom system” as worldly ones crumble. This kingdom system will champion values of righteousness, holiness, and love, distinguishing it from worldly norms. 

While times have changed, with some things once considered sinful now accepted and vice versa, the call remains for a balanced alignment with God’s Word. The church’s unity isn’t about race, culture, or upbringing; it’s centered on the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus. A united church is powerful, a place where darkness can’t hide, reminding us of our core mission amid the shifting tides of society.

Facing Persecution with Resilience

Demonic systems are on the decline, but not without a fight. Many don’t discern the spiritual battle underlying secular moves like tech giants subtly sidelining Judeo-Christian values. 

Persecution of believers is anticipated to escalate in the face of increasing worldly wickedness. But history and scripture affirm that when the church faces persecution, it thrives even more, witnessing heightened miracles, signs, and wonders. 

Even as society grapples with new norms and values that challenge traditional Christian beliefs, the faithful must stand firm. Persecution isn’t just an obstacle; it’s an opportunity for growth, a call to remain rooted in God’s unchanging truths amidst ever-changing landscapes.

Open Doors Await You

In 1 Corinthians 16:9, Paul described walking into ‘wide and active doors,’ signifying blessings so immense that you’ll barely keep up. This doesn’t mean the journey will be free from adversaries. Yet, during these struggles, doors will still swing open, bringing abundant blessings. 

Isaiah 22:22, for instance, speaks of a door that no man can close, signifying that when a divine opportunity is set before you, no human power can thwart it. And it doesn’t end there. 

In Matthew 7, we’re reminded that seeking will lead to finding. God doesn’t want you just getting by; He desires to bless you abundantly, ensuring you don’t just survive but truly thrive. And, if that wasn’t enough, doors are also opening up to financial prosperity. 

Believe and embrace it; there’s an expansive blessing on the horizon, so immense that a single door won’t suffice!

Enduring Adversities with a Resilient Spirit

Acts chapter 16 reveals a powerful narrative of Paul and Silas, imprisoned yet undeterred in their spirit. Despite being bound in chains among criminals, their resolve never wavers. They continue to praise and worship, refusing to let their circumstances define them. 

Their mindset challenges the notion that external conditions should influence our inner being. They epitomize the idea that one can endure severe storms and remain unshaken. 

Many people allow external circumstances to seep into their souls, affecting their perceptions and shaping their realities. Paul and Silas remind us of the immense power we hold within the ability to shape our atmosphere and dictate our internal realities, irrespective of the external chaos.

Speak Positivity Amidst Chaos

External adversities often influence our internal dialogues, leading many to perceive life as harsh or unfair. Yet, our words hold immense power. We must consciously speak life and positivity, regardless of how bleak the circumstances appear. 

Life and death lie in the power of the tongue, and in moments of despair, we must recall the strength within us. 

As Paul and Silas exemplify, even amidst the harshest conditions, one can find solace and strength in praise and worship. It’s a testament to their enduring faith, which stands as an inspiration for us all. 

And while not everyone can express their faith through song or instruments as skillfully as some, the essence lies in heartfelt devotion and unwavering spirit.


Lord, I ask that you let these principles and truths grow inside me. Father, thank You for your Spirit that empowers me and fills me with faith to believe for greater things. You are mighty. Show that might through me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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