Unlocking God’s Blessings with Each Act of Giving

14 Apr, 2024

Unlocking God’s Blessings with Each Act of Giving

Understanding Tithing: A Conversation on Giving

Have you ever heard the term “tithe” and wondered what it means? 

In church circles, tithing is a term that sometimes gets mentioned a lot or barely at all. But here’s the thing: tithing isn’t about prioritizing the church’s finances; it’s about prioritizing our trust and faith in God. 

It’s about acknowledging that everything we have comes from Him and giving back a portion of it as an act of worship and obedience.

What Is a Tithe?

So, what exactly is a tithe? Simply put, it’s giving back one-tenth of our earnings to God. Think of it as a way to say, “God, I trust you with my finances.” It’s not just any random amount; it’s a specific, calculated part of what we earn that we set aside for Him.

The Heart of Tithing

Tithing is more than a financial transaction; it’s a heart condition. It’s about showing God He has first place in our lives, including our finances. When we tithe, we declare our dependence on Him, acknowledging that He is the source of all our blessings.

Why 10%?

Why the specific figure of 10%? It symbolizes the whole of what we have. By giving God a tenth, we say, “All I have is Yours, God.” This principle of giving isn’t just a random rule; it’s a way of honoring God with what He’s given us.

Tithing: Old Covenant or New Grace?

Here’s a hot topic: Why tithe if we’re under grace and not the law? Tithing predates the law; it’s a principle that began with the faith of our ancestors like Abraham and Jacob. They tithed as an act of faith and relationship, not because they were forced by law.

Where Does My Tithe Go?

Your tithe belongs to your local church, the place where you’re spiritually fed and nurtured. It’s about supporting the body of Christ, enabling the church to serve, reach out, and grow. When we invest our tithes in our local church, we invest in God’s kingdom work on earth.

The Blessings of Tithing

Tithing opens the door to God’s blessings. 

It’s not a prosperity formula but a principle that aligns us with God’s provision and protection. When we give, we place our finances under God’s oversight, inviting His wisdom and blessing into our financial decisions.

A Personal Step of Faith

Tithing is a personal act of worship. It’s between you and God, a step of faith that says, “I trust You with everything, Lord.” Giving reminds us of God’s faithfulness and provision, encouraging us to live lives of generosity and trust.

The Joy of Giving

Ultimately, tithing is about joy—the joy of giving back to the One who has given us everything. It’s a journey of faith, trust, and learning to live generously. As we give, we discover the true richness of a life lived in surrender to God’s loving care.

Remember, tithing isn’t about legalism; it’s about love. It’s a way to express our gratitude to God, acknowledging His lordship over our lives, including our finances. Embrace tithing as an opportunity to grow closer to Him, trusting He will provide for us as we give generously.


Father, all I have is Yours. Give me the grace to steward everything you have trusted me with. Increase my faith so I can rely entirely on you as I give joyfully. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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