Day 296: Will You Pray for Me?

23 Oct, 2017

The Daily Word: Monday, October 23rd, 2017
Jeremiah 42:1-44:23
2 Timothy 2:1-21
Psalm 92:1-93:5s
Proverbs 26:3-5
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:  

Now … all the people, from the least to the greatest, came near and said to Jeremiah the prophet, “Please, let our petition be acceptable to you, and pray for us to the Lord your God…,  that the Lord your God may show us the way in which we should walk and the thing we should do.” – Jer 42:1-3

The people came to Jeremiah with a prayer request: pray to your God. But wasn’t He their God too? Why did they need Jeremiah to pray for them, instead of praying to God directly?

God is the God of Israel; but the Israelites didn’t receive Him as theirs. God’s people didn’t understand that He was always willing to receive them as sons as daughters, so they didn’t go to Him in prayer. What a tragedy! Whenever we insert a middleman between us and God, we dilute the communication He wants to have with us through prayer. You are the person with the most authority over your life. You can go to God directly, and ask for whatever you need, because He is your God!

You don’t have to live your life asking someone else to pray for you. Receive God as your Lord and Savior; and then pray to Him yourself!


Father, thank You for always receiving me. You are my God, and I am Your child. I know the door is always open to prayer, in Jesus’ name!

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