Day 301: The God Who Repays

28 Oct, 2021

The Daily Word: Thursday, October 28th, 2021
Jeremiah 51:54-52:34
Titus 3:1-15
Psalm 100:1-5
Proverbs 26:18-19
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Commentary from Pastor Michael White:
Because the plunderer comes against her, against Babylon, and her mighty men are taken. Every one of their bows is broken; for the Lord is the God of recompense, He will surely repay. – Jer. 51:56

Jeremiah was pronouncing destruction on Babylon. For years, God has used Babylon as His instrument to overrun foreign nations who were wicked! But Babylon, drunk with power, had become wicked herself. So God would repay her: evil for evil, because He is the God of recompense, the God who repays!

In the original Hebrew text, “The God of recompense” is Jehovah Gmolah. This is one of God’s Hebrew names. Just as God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals (Ex. 15:26), God is Jehovah Gmolah, the God who repays! And here is why these Hebrew names matter. Healing is not just something God does; it is who He is. And in the same way, recompense – repayment or vengeance – is not just something God does, it is who God is! No matter what is happening in the world around you or in your own life, God’s character and His nature do not change. He always repays.

So when you encounter someone who is wicked and seems to be getting away with it, take heart. God will repay. When you see someone who isn’t being recognized for the good (s)he is doing, take heart! God will repay. No wickedness will escape His purview, and no good deed will go unrewarded. Divine justice is real, and God will right every wrong. God is just, and He will repay.


Father, thank You for being just! Thank You that wicked men and women will not get away with a lifetime of evil, but they will be punished in eternity. Every wrong will be made right, and every moment of suffering for You will be worth it!

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