Life Group # 05

Garden City: Work, Rest, and the Art of Being Human

by John Mark Comer
7:30 pm to
8:45 pm

Flatbush, Brooklyn


Life Group Leader: Andy & Whitney Austin

You’ve heard people say, ‘Who you are matters more than what you do.’ But does the Bible really teach us that? Join pastor and bestselling author John Mark Comer in Garden City as he guides twenty- and thirty-somethings through understanding and embracing their God-given calling.

In Garden City, John Mark Comer gives a surprisingly countercultural take on the typical ‘spiritual’ answer the church gives in response to questions about purpose and calling. Comer explores Scripture to discover God’s original intent for how we’re meant to spend our time, reshaping how you view and engage in your work, rest, and life.

In these pages, you’ll learn that, ultimately, what we do matters just as much as who we are. Garden City will help you find answers to questions like:
• Does God care where I work?
• Does he have a clear direction for me?
• How can I create a practice of rest?