Shifting Perceptions: Embracing Divine Wealth and Overcoming the Poverty Mindset

11 Sep, 2023

Shifting Perceptions: Embracing Divine Wealth and Overcoming the Poverty Mindset

Is God Truly Generous, or Have We Misunderstood Him?

How many times have you felt that life, with all its trials and tribulations, was out to get you? Many feel that way and attribute these hardships to the Lord taking something away from them. 

Let’s realign our perspective: God is in the giving business. 

Contrary to the bleakness that life sometimes presents or the misconceptions religion might propagate, God isn’t looking to take from us. Instead, He aims to give. When it seems as though something is being taken away, it’s often to make space for blessings that are even more essential for our journey.

A Mindset of Lack

However, there’s a common mindset that many of us struggle with – a mindset of lack. It’s a perspective where everything is seen through a lens of scarcity, insufficiency, and never having enough. 

This isn’t just about money or resources; it’s about feeling that there’s never enough love, opportunities, or blessings to go around. 

Such a perspective can be contagious, often instilled in us during our formative years by external influences. Challenging this worldview is crucial because God, in His infinite wisdom and abundance, designed our Earth to support life generously. 

Just think about it: decades ago, when the global population was around 5 billion, there were already resources indicating that our planet could sustain up to 50 billion people. This speaks volumes about God’s abundant nature.

Our challenge is shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance. Recognizing God’s generous nature helps us understand that the world isn’t a place of lack but one filled with possibilities and blessings. 

God Wants To Snap The Lack Spirit.

Have you ever wondered how vast God’s blessings can be? Take Solomon, for example. His wealth was astronomical, so much so that even in today’s terms, the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos couldn’t hold a candle to him. We’re talking about trillions when you calculate the talents of gold, silver, and other precious metals he possessed. In 2 Chronicles, we read the story of when the Queen of Sheba visited Solomon; she was left utterly speechless—she literally fainted at the sight of his incredible blessings, from the wisdom he shared to the grandeur of his kingdom.

The point is that God’s blessings aren’t just “enough”; they are exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. This wasn’t about Solomon showing off; it was a testament to God’s generosity. The Queen of Sheba, who was herself incredibly wealthy, fainted at the sight of Solomon’s blessings. 

This is God’s style—His blessings aren’t just meant to meet your needs; they are designed to blow your mind and leave you in awe. So, if you’re doubting how much God can bless you, just remember Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. God’s blessings are not only abundant; they’re overwhelming.

God is a God of abundance. Jesus said, “Fear not, little flock.” In some versions, “Fear not, little children. It’s your father’s good pleasure to give to you the kingdom. It’s your father’s good pleasure to give you good gifts.”

Abundance Begins Here

Before we delve deep into understanding more about God’s abundance, there’s a fundamental checkpoint: your relationship with Jesus. It isn’t about what you can get from Him, but truly embracing and loving Him for who He is. 

Think about your sins and your imperfections. Reflect on the fact that Jesus took on the wrath for those sins, absorbing every bit so you could be free. This profound realization is often the gateway to truly understanding and appreciating His sacrifice. 

Many people profess faith, yet fully trusting Jesus is a journey. It’s more than just acknowledging Him; it’s about surrendering every part of oneself to Him. And for many, it’s a journey of incremental steps, often starting small, surrendering one aspect at a time, and realizing each time that His ways truly are better.

It’s common to feel hesitant or even fearful about giving up control, especially when past experiences with trust have been negative. But as you grow in your relationship with Jesus, you’ll discover that the things you cling to — even those sins or “pleasures” — are merely counterfeits of the fulfillment He offers. 

The beauty of faith is this journey of surrender, where with each step, you realize more and more that God’s ways are superior, more fulfilling, and rooted in a love deeper than you can fathom. He genuinely loves you more than you might even love yourself. 

Trust is a journey, but the destination is worth every step.

God Is More Than Enough

Jehovah Jireh, often referred to as the providing God, shows God’s endless capacity to provide. While “El Shaddai” means the “more than enough” or the “too much” God, exemplifying His boundless generosity. 

Take the biblical story of Peter, who, after a fruitless night of fishing, was told by Jesus to cast his net on the other side. Skeptical but obedient, Peter was shocked when he caught so many fish that his net almost broke! 

Or consider the feeding of the 5,000 (probably closer to 15,000 with women and children), where from just a few fishes and loaves, everyone ate till they were full, and yet there were 12 baskets of leftovers. 

These stories aren’t just miracles; they depict God’s character — His tendency to give exceedingly. 

Don’t think of Him as a distant, miserly figure when you approach God. Instead, envision Him as Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai, the God who provides and does so abundantly. Recognizing His true character, devoid of our preconceived notions or biases, is crucial. A genuine connection comes when we see Him for who He truly is and understand that He rejoices in our prosperity. 

God wants to be the loving Father you rush to, eager to sit on His lap, confident in His love and provision.

God is endlessly generous, always ready to bless us. Yet, sometimes, we become our biggest obstacles, doubting His ability to provide or our worthiness to receive. Instead of recognizing our hesitations, we mistakenly think of God as holding back. 

The truth is, He’s like an ever-flowing fountain of blessings, just waiting for us to position ourselves to receive. Our challenge? To be open, trust, and step into His flow of abundance. 

Remember David’s words: “Your gentleness has made me great.” Let that same gentleness lead you into the greatness awaiting you. 


Father, I am open to what you want to do in my life. You’re the God of abundance, you’re the God of prosperity, you’re the God of more than enough, you’re the God of victory. Right now, let the anointing come. I lift my hands to you, Jesus. Let the walls break that have been keeping back all you have for me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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