Unmasking Wokeism: The Battle Between Faith and Deception

21 Jun, 2023

CityLight NYC Unmasking Wokeism The Battle Between Faith and Deception

How do we guard ourselves against the subtleties of deception that often come with persuasive arguments and enticing promises? It’s an increasing challenge we all face, requiring discernment, wisdom, and a steadfast commitment to seeking and embracing the unwavering truth.

Experiencing The Grace of Jesus

The Bible teaches us that the law was given through Moses, but it is through Jesus Christ that grace came to us. This truth resonates not only with me but also with each one of you. I am grateful for my salvation, a precious gift akin to the pearl of great price. It is not something to be taken lightly. 

When we accept Jesus, we receive eternal life, a gift our failures cannot take away. We must liberate ourselves from religious neuroses and the fear of constantly confessing sins to regain salvation. Good works naturally flow from genuine faith, empowered by grace to live in holiness before the Lord.

While salvation is secure, there is a warning against a dangerous path known as apostasy. In the book of Hebrews and throughout the New Testament, we are alerted to the perils of unbelief and outright rejection of Jesus after experiencing His saving grace. Apostasy is the deliberate abandonment of the faith by those who once intimately knew and walked with Jesus. 

This is not a state to be taken lightly, as it leads to utter loss and separation from God. It is comparable to the condition of a reprobate mind, where repentance and desire for restoration become nonexistent. Just as Lucifer cannot repent, those who have turned their backs on Jesus and His teachings are in a similar state. As believers, we must remain vigilant and avoid aligning ourselves with worldly ideologies and influences that oppose God’s Word. 

In these times, when our minds are bombarded by anti-God messages, we must stay rooted in the truth and guard our hearts against being led astray.

Be Alert and Sober

Matthew 24:4 says, “And Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Take heed that no one deceives you.”

When discussing the last days and the end times, Jesus emphasizes the issue of deception as a significant concern. He warns us to be vigilant and not allow ourselves to be deceived. Deception is a treacherous trap because those who fall into it are often unaware of their state. 

How does one become so deceived that they fail to see the need for correction, even when heading towards danger at high speed? 

It happens gradually as individuals open themselves to worldly influences and ideologies, slowly distancing themselves from the truth. Satan seizes this opportunity and leads them astray, taking them further and keeping them longer than they ever intended. 

The Apostle Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, foretells that in these last times, there will be false teachings and doctrines originating from demonic sources, aiming to distort the truth of God and entice believers to forsake their faith.

In the face of widespread deception, we must remain humble and dependent on God’s Word. We should never assume that we are immune to deception but rather recognize our need for His guidance and protection. 

Second Thessalonians also warns about the great apostasy, the massive abandonment of the Christian faith, that must occur before the day of the Lord. We live in a time when the greatest apostasy the church has ever witnessed is unfolding. 

We must stay humble, relying on God’s Word for guidance and remaining watchful amidst the prevalent deception.

There Is Only ONE Truth

In the discussion of subjective and objective truth, the phrase “my truth” emerged as a product of the rise of Wokism. However, it is essential to understand that only one definition of truth exists. Jesus unequivocally stated in John 17:17, “Sanctify them by your truth. Your Word is truth.” The Word of God stands as the ultimate truth. 

As followers of Christ, we must deeply love God’s Word and His standards and have the internal strength the Holy Spirit provides to remain unwavering. Our allegiance lies with Jesus and the invaluable gift of salvation. We must comprehend that we can hold firm to these truths while simultaneously expressing love toward others.

The LGBT movement directly opposes Christianity, resulting in significant tension between the two. The differences between the two are stark. The LGBT religion emphasizes self-expression, self-becoming God, pride, and self-acceptance, while Christianity promotes self-denial, God becoming man, humility, and spiritual rebirth. The LGBT religion exalts sex, while Christianity worships God. 

The claim that “love is love” lacks a clear definition, whereas the Bible unequivocally states that “God is love.”

One of the primary ‘sins’ denounced in the LGBT religion is judgment. However, it is essential to note that the concept of not judging others is often taken out of context. In Matthew 7, the scripture frequently referenced by this ideology, Jesus’s words must be understood within their proper context. 

Making judgments is a natural part of our daily lives, such as deciding when to wake up, eat, or stop at a red light. The LGBT movement’s emphasis on avoiding judgment should not be distorted because it undermines our ability to discern right from wrong. Instead, we should approach judgment with wisdom and fairness, not condoning sinful actions but lovingly pointing toward God’s truth.

The clash between Christianity and the LGBT movement underscores the importance of embracing the absolute truth found in God’s Word. We must navigate this tension with love, understanding, and the firm conviction that our faith is not compromised by holding steadfast to biblical principles. 

While we reject judgmental attitudes, we are called to discern and uphold God’s truth, even in the face of societal pressure.

Jesus warns us about judgment in Matthew 7, stating that we will be judged with the same measure we use to judge others. However, John 7 instructs us to judge with righteous judgment, not according to appearances. These seemingly contradictory statements are not a contradiction but a call to discernment. 

Judging with righteous judgment means making judgments based on the Word of God. If the Bible declares something contrary to God’s will, we can confidently state that it is not aligned with His truth. It is important to note that while we should stand firmly on biblical principles, we must also exhibit love, avoiding condemnation and self-righteousness.

Tolerance is often regarded as a significant virtue in the woke/LGBT movement, yet true tolerance seems lacking towards those with different beliefs. In the book of Revelation, Jesus addresses the church in Thyatira, commending them for their works, love, faith, and endurance. 

However, He reproaches them for their tolerance of a false prophetess who led His servants astray into sexual immorality and idol worship. This passage highlights the need for discernment, as there are situations where tolerating what God considers abominable is unacceptable. We should not tolerate sinful practices while maintaining a smile or claiming to be loving. 

Our commitment to God’s Word should be unwavering, recognizing its holiness and preciousness.

It is vital to awaken to the signs of the times and the broader context surrounding us. In the past few years, events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have been interconnected with a larger agenda seeking to exert control and achieve global dominance. 

We must not fall into a state of complacency or be lulled to sleep by a spirit of stupor. Instead, we should stay alert, discerning the prevailing narratives and questioning their underlying motives. As believers, we can uphold our convictions and refuse to be swayed by the mainstream narrative, remembering that our ultimate hope lies in God, not in the promises of human institutions.

By remaining vigilant, we can navigate the challenging times with unwavering faith in God’s truth and reject subversive agendas that oppose His divine purposes.

The Mark of the Beast and Standing Firm

When discussing the mark of the beast, it is important to consider the Bible’s prophecy that the whole world cannot buy or sell without it. Early Christians recognized this as a sign of a global ruling power, and today we witness a growing awareness of globalism and its aspirations for a one-world government. 

While opinions differ on the physical nature of the mark, some believe it to be a spiritual mark rather than a literal one. It signifies an antichrist anointing, a rebellious attitude toward God’s order, and a refusal to submit to His authority.

The mark of the beast can manifest as a spiritual impression on individuals who have embraced an antichrist spirit. They reject God’s principles and operate contrary to His established order. This mark symbolizes a defiant stance against God and His divine purposes. It is crucial to discern and identify this spiritual mark, recognizing those who are marked by Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit, as opposed to those influenced by the antichrist spirit.

Significant events, including the COVID-19 pandemic, have unfolded over the past few years with a purpose and agenda. Many individuals have readily accepted the prevailing narratives and been easily programmed, demonstrating how repetition can lead people to believe falsehoods. 

As believers, we must remain vigilant and discerning, aware of the enemy’s schemes and the subtle programming that can influence our thinking. While we are not a fear-filled church, we are called to be alert, relying on the solid rock of Christ and conscious of the world’s deceptions.

Awake Not Woke

We live in a time of awakening, where the masses are shaken from their slumber. It is a call to open our eyes and embrace the truth. It is a great awakening; once awakened, people cannot return to their former state of ignorance. Despite some attempts to return to the familiar’s comfort, the awakening is irreversible. 

It is time to fully embrace this awakening and its implications.

Let us remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 7:24-27. We are not merely woke, following the trends and ideologies of the world. Instead, we are committed to Jesus and His teachings, firmly grounded on the unshakable foundation of His Word. Those who hear and obey His words are like the wise man who built his house on a rock, withstanding the storms of life. 

Conversely, those who hear but do not act on His words are like the foolish man who built his house on sand, experiencing a great fall when faced with challenges.

We are in a time of awakening, where people are being shaken from their slumber and called to open their eyes to the truth. Let us build our lives on the solid foundation of Jesus and His teachings, being wise and obedient to His words. By prioritizing God in all aspects of our lives, we experience His blessings and impact others through our actions.


Jesus, you are Truth, and there is no other. You lead me into truth, and You give me wisdom. You provide me with discernment. Open my eyes to see and my ears to hear Your voice. Let me be fully awake and following you wholeheartedly. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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